2017 Results

Sun 23.4.17 Strand Hotel Confined.


1st Thomas Mailey (20) 42 pts.

2nd John McKeever (13) 40 pts.

3rd Brian McGonigle (16) 40 pts.

Gross Kealan Quigg (0) 36 gross pts.

4th John Quigley (21) 40 pts.


CSS 71.


Sat 22.4.17 Saturday Open


1st Brendan Devlin (1) 38 pts.

2nd Darragh McLaughlin (6) 37 pts.

3rd Oscar Mailey (6) 37 pts.

Gross: John Kennedy (6) 31 gross pts.

4th Seamus Mullan (15) 36 pts.


CSS 74.


Ladies Results


Sun 23.4.17 Ladies 9 Hole Confined.


0-18 1st Joan Doherty 18 pts.

0-18 2nd Breda McGonagle 15 pts.


19-28 1st Annette Doherty 21 pts. (bot)

19-28 2nd Vivienne Bannon 21 pts.


29-36 1st Anita McCarron 19 pts.

29.36 2nd Marion Theseira 16 pts.


Tues 18.4.17 Ladies 18 Hole Confined.


1st Mary McGonigle 68 nett.

2nd Aine McElhinney 70 nett.

3rd Noeleen Gordon 71 nett. B.O.T

4th Annette Doherty 71 nett.

Back 9 Anita McCarron 32.5.


Report by Phelim Davenport.


The weekend golf in Ballyliffin had to compete with the wedding of 2 of our popular staff and it was no contest as Aisling won hands down.

The Saturday Open was on the Glashedy and the low handicap brigade came to the fore now that the tees have been moved back for the Summer. Before he donned the 3 piece suit for the wedding Brendan Devlin [1] went out and shot 1 under par for a winning score of 38 pts. In 2nd place all round sportsman Darragh Mc Laughlin [6] had 37pts. Another 6 handicapper Oscar Mailey also had 37 pts for 3rd place. Seamus Mullan [15] was the only higher man to get a look in, he took 4th with 36pts. The Gross went to another 6 handicapper John Kennedy with 31 gross pts.

Sunday was a fine day for golf. The competition was ‘the Strand Hotel Cup Confined’ and brought out a packed time sheet. Thomas Mailey [20] probably thought if his wee ‘son’ can win a prize on Saturday he can do better on Sunday which, he did, coming in with a great score of 42 pts to take first place. In second place was a man who has been quiet for a while,  John Keever [13] with 40pts. In third place was Brian Mc Gonigle [16] also with 40 pts. Another 40 pts took fourth place- John Quigley [21]. The Gross once again went to Keelan Quigg [0] with 36 gross pts.

The Wed. Soc. was won by Martin O Mahoney with 39pts

Once again congratulations to our Head Pro Gareth McCausland and Aisling Callaghan from our office who tied the knot on Saturday. The style would have put Ascot to shame but I think our President just shaded it with his bow tie. Happy Golfing.

Sun 16.4.17 Easter Sunday Confined.
1st   Patrick McLaughlin (cr) (20) 39 pts.
2nd Eoin Creedon (13) 38 pts.
3rd Martin Harkin (11) 37 pts.
Gross Bryan Northey  (5) 32 gross pts.
4th  Liam Doherty (w) (6) 37 pts.

CSS 72.
Sat 15.4.17 Saturday Open.
1st   Barry Rogers (13) 37 pts.
2nd Marc Davis (6) 35 pts.
3rd Gabriel McCafferty (25) 34 pts.
Gross Kealan Quigg (0) 33 gross pts.
4th Darragh McLaughlin (6) 33 pts.

Wed 12.4.17 Wednesday Society Results.
1st Mick McGarry 35 pts.
2nd Frank Harkin 35 pts.
3rd Phelim Doherty 34 pts.
Ladies Results.
Sun 16.4.17 Ladies 9 Hole Confined.      
0-18. 1st Ann Friel 16 pts.
0-18. 2nd Roisin Rooney 15 pts.
19-28. 1st Annette Doherty 18 pts.
19-28. 2nd Sadie Grant (n) 17 pts.
29-36. Rita McCrossan 16 pts.
29.36. Bernie Wilson 14 pts.
Tues 11.4.17  Tuesday Ladies18 Hole Confined.
1st Margaret Doherty (0) 26 pts.
2nd Bernie Wilson 24 pts.
Closing date for all Club Matchplay Entries 27th April 2017.
Weekend report by Phelim Davenport.
The Easter weekend weather was a mixed bag for golf in Ballyliffin and it kept the scoring down on both days.
The Saturday Open on the Glashedy was won by visitor 13 handicapper Barry Rogers with 37pts. New member Marc Davis[6] took 2nd with 35pts. Gabriel Mc Cafferty [25] took 3rd with 34pts. Darragh Mc Laughlin took 4th spot with 33pts. Keelan Quigg [0] shot 33 Gross pts which was exceptional to take the gross.  The Sunday Confined was on the Old course in difficult conditions, even a top class athlete like myself wouldn't subject their swing to the test this early in the season. Coming in with the top score was Paddy Mc Laughlin [cr] [20] with 39pts. Paddy is going to do damage this year. Eoin Creedon [13] made his first journey up the country worthwhile by taking 2nd with 38pts. In 3rd place was Marty Harkin [11] with 37pts. Marty spent all afternoon chasing Brendan Devlin around the coastal challenge in Ballyliffin on Saturday so it was a great effort from him although he is much younger than Brendan. In 4th place was Past Captain Liam Doherty [w] [6] also with 37pts. Our Captain wanted a bit of the limelight too so he took the Gross with 32 gross pts over an obviously very tired Brendan Devlin.
The Wednesday Society was won by Mick Mc Garry with 35pts. In 2nd spot was Frank Harkin with 35pts also. Phelim Doherty took 3rd place with 34pts. Happy Golfing.

Glashedy Captain’s Day 9th April 2017
Overall Winner: Shaun Grant (15) 41pts
1st Tony O’Brien (13) 41pts
2nd Kevin Downey (10) 39pts
3rd Cecil Doherty (6) 39pts
4th Liam Doherty(C) (10) 39pts 
5th Brendan Devlin (1) 38pts 
6th David McLaughlin (13) 36pts 
7th Liam McLaughlin(9) 36pts
8th Liam Doherty(W) (6) 36pts 
1st Darryl Butler (18) 40pts
2nd JJ Lafferty (18) 37pts
3rd James Carr (17) 37pts
4th Tony McEleney (16) 36pts
5th Nicky McCusker (16) 36pts
6th Patsy Devlin (19) 36pts
7th Robert McCool (16) 36pts
8th John Gill (22) 36pts 
Non Qualifier: Jayson McIntyre (4) 38pts
Back nine(Low) Niall McGuinness (5) 21pts
Back nine:(High) Sean McCrossan (28) 20pts
Golfer of the year(Low): Neil Grant 
Golfer of the year(High): John McGeoghegan 
Runner up: Liam Doherty(C)(Low), Darryl Butler(High) 

Saturday Open 8th April 2017 
1st Pat McDaid (20) 43pts
2nd John McFeeley (13) 41pts
3rd Denis McElhinney (9) 41pts
4th John Mullan (11) 41pts
Gross: Garrett Mallon (1) 36pts 
CSS: 70

Wednesday Society 5th April 2017
1st Michael Butter 43pts 
2nd Jim Brown 39pts
3rd Brendan McCarroll 39pts 
Two’s: Jim Brown, Paul Cox 

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Medal Stroke 
1st Aine McElhinney 70Nett
2nd Tara McConologue 75Nett
3rd Ann Murphy 76Nett 
4th Molly McCloskey 77Nett 
Back 9: Mary T Hackett 37.5Nett 

Sunday 9th April 2017 Glashedy Captain’s Day 
Overall winner: Aine Northey 36pts 
1st Margaret Doherty(O) 34pts
2nd Ann McLaughlin 28pts 
3rd Noeleen Gordon 26pts
4th Joan Doherty 26pts 
5th Lisa Glover 23pts 
1st Annette Doherty 35pts 
2nd Tara McConologue 34pts
3rd Sadie Grant (N) 29pts 
4th Debbie McConologue 27pts
5th Kathleen McKeague 25pts
1st Aine McElhinney 24pts
2nd Maire Mathews 23pts
3rd Anita McCarron 22pts OBOT
4th Geradine McLaughlin 22pts 
5th Yvonne McCarron 21pts
1st Mart T Hackett 27pts OBOT 
2rd Marian McEleney 27pts 

Ballyliffin Golf Club Report by Phelim Davenport
From the bright sunshine of Saturday afternoon to the miserable rain of Sunday afternoon don't you just love the Irish weather.
The Saturday Open was played in perfect spring conditions and the scoring matched the weather. In first place was visitor Pat Mc Daid[20] with a cracking score of 43pts . It mustn’t be the first time he visited. In second place was a man glad to have 2 weeks holidays John Mc Feeley[13] with 41pts. Third place also on 41pts was Denis Mc Elhinney[9]. John Mullan[11] took another wee trip down from Brexit country and took 4th also with 41pts. Colm had the strimmer out. Garrett Mallon [1] must have enjoyed last week because he returned this week again for the Gross with 36 gross pts.
Sunday was the Glashedy Winter Classic'c Captains Day, Mr Kevin Mc Laughlin.
The Captain's Prize was won by Shaun Grant[15] with 41pts. It was a great effort from Shaun considering he has to work with our Captain all week. 
In the Low Section Tony O Brien[13] battled through the afternoon rain to take first place also with 41pts. In 2nd place that wee happy caddy popped up again Kevin Downey[10] with 39pts. Cecil Doherty told me not long ago that ever since he played and sported around Ballyliffin in short trousers with his mate Des Kemmy his ambition was to play of a lower handicap than him well his 39pts today saw him achieve that and also got him third place.There was 5 other prizewinners in that section but sure i won't bore you to tears writing bout them, well maybe Brendan Devlin[1] who went round in 1 under par. The Back Nine went to Niall Mc Guinness[5] with 21pts.
In the High Section the winner was a man who's good with figures Darryl Butler[18] his 40pts was good enough to take top spot. In 2nd place was his playing partner J J Lafferty[18] with 37pts. In 3rd place was James Carr[17] with 37pts also. Not gonna mention any of the other 5  prize winners in that section as well, well maybe Robert Mc Cool who along with his partner Eamon O Donnell after 20 years won a match against Wee Johnny and myself. The Back Nine went to Sean mc Crossan[28] with 20pts.
In the Golfer Of The Year  2 men took their annual walk to the table to collect their award, Neil Grant in the Low Section and John Mc Geoghegan in the High Section. The runner up in the Low Section was Liam Doherty[c] and in the High Section Darryl Butler.
Commiserations to Andy Mc Gonagle and his Irish Fourball team who lost out narrowly to Co Armagh.
Just like Man City Andy better luck next year. Happy Golfing.

Sunday 2nd April 2017 Clement Sweeney Memorial Cup 
1st Patsy Doherty (10) 41pts
2nd Liam Cregan (13) 41pts
3rd Shaun O’Donnell (8) 39pts
4th Stephen Anderson (5) 39pts
Gross: Garrett Mallon (1) 36pts
CSS: 71

Captain’s Drive In Saturday 1st April 2017
1st Shaun Doherty(O), Charlie McVeigh, John McGeoghegan, Elaine McLaughlin 56.1
2nd Aaron Jenkins, Kevin McLaughlin, Nigel Craig, Joan Doherty 56.2
3rd Dermot Rooney, Paddy McDermott, Eamon Sweeney, Mary T Hackett 56.5
Longest Drive: John Farren
Nearest the pin: John McGeoghegan 

Saturday Open 1st April 2017
1st Chris Mulholland (12) 40pts
2nd Charlie McVeigh (14) 38pts
3rd Niall McLaughlin(JB) (7) 38pts 
4th Stephen Harris (15) 37pts
Gross: Kealan Quigg (0) 36pts 
CSS: 72 

Friday Open 31st March 2017
1st David McGeough (5) 40pts
2nd Rhee Postrero (20) 39pts
3rd Jeff Davie (16) 38pts 
CSS: 71

Wednesday Society 29th March 2017
1st John K Farren 39pts
2nd Ken Devlin 38pts
3rd Terry Coyle 37pts

Sunday 2nd April 2017 Confined 9 Holes
1st Margaret Doherty 17pts
2nd Mary T Hackett 16pts
1st Sadie Grant 20pts OBOT 
2nd Kathleen McKeague 20pts 
1st Tara McConologue 17pts
2nd Geraldine McLaughlin 16pts 

Tuesday Confined 28th March 2017
1st Tara McConologue 40pts
2nd Kathleen McEleney 34pts 
3rd Breige Boyle 32pts 
4rd Maire Mathews 32pts
Back 9: Noeleen Gordon 15pts 

Ballyliffin Golf Club Report by Phelim Davenport 
A busy weekend of golf in Ballyliffin kicked off with the Friday Open and coming out on top there was 5 handicapper David Mc Geough with a 1 over par round giving him 40pts. In 2nd place was Rhee Postero[20] with 39pts and in 3rd place was Jeff Davie[16] with 38pts.
The Saturday Open was on Glashedy and Chris Mulholland[12] took the honours with 40pts. Charlie Mc Veigh[14] made another appearance taking 2nd place with 38pts. 3rd spot was taken by Niall Mc Laughlin[jb][7] also with 38pts. Stephen Harris[15] took 4th with 37pts. Kealan Quigg[0] kept his run going with a level par round giving him 36 Gross pts.
Sunday's competition on the Old course was for The Clement Sweeney Cup. A man who knows every blade of grass in Ballyliffin personally handicap convener Patsy Doherty[10] claimed the cup with 41pts on a break of tie with Liam Cregan[13] also with 41pts. A blank at the first didn't deter Shaun O Donnell[8] he still took 3rd with 39pts. In 4th place was Stephen Anderson[5] also with 39pts.  Garrett Mallon[1] made a flying visit and took the Gross with 36 gross pts.
The Wed. Soc. was won by John K Farren with 39pts. In 2nd place was the good doctor Ken Devlin with 38pts and in 3rd place was young Terry Coyle with 37pts.
Saturday was the first big day of the year in the Golf Club with with the Captains and Presidents driving into office eventually. All 4 of them split the fairway with their drives even the Captain and he plays back to front. They all looked very pretty in pink. 
It was followed  by a Scramble with a shotgun start. 2 of the club professionals Shaun O Doherty and Johnny Mc Geoghegan teamed up with Elaine Mc Laughlin and Charlie Donaghey to post the winning score, somebody told me they were probably about 20 under but I wasn't listening. It was a good day for Johnny he also won nearest the pin and then he won the draw for free membership for the year. I put a tenner on him to win the Grand National as well. 2nd place went to Aaron Jenkins, Kevin Mc Laughlin, Joan Doherty, and Nigel Craig, it's said they had a good score too. In 3rd place after a stewards enquiry was the Vice Captain Paddy Mc Dermott, Mary Hackett, Eamon Sweeney[c] and Dermod Rooney. The longest drive went to our Manager John Farren who to the shock of our members kept the ball on the correct fairway  to win the prize. Happy Golfing.

Sun 27.3.17 Sunday Confined

1st Liam Tourish (6) 42 pts.
2nd David McGeough (6) 42 pts.
3rd Nigel craig (16) 41 pts.
Gross Paul Doherty C (2) 35 gr pts.
4th Neil Doherty (B) (17) 38 pts.
CSS 71
Sat 26.3.17 Saturday Open
1st John Mullan (13) 45 pts.
2nd Kyle Barton (15) 41 pts.
3rd John Edmonds (14) 41 pts.
Gross Kealan Quigg (0) 39 gr pts.
4th Liam Doherty C (12) 40 pts.
CSS 71
Fri 24.3.17 Friday Open
1st Aaron Kelly (11) 42 pts.
2nd John Kennedy (7) 38 pts.
3rd Anthony McEleney (13) 37 pts.
Sun 27.3.17 Sunday 9 Hole Confined
1st Marie Durso 19 pts.
2nd Ann Friel 17 pts.
1st Debbie McConologue 19 pts.
2nd Brege Boyle 18 pts.
1st Tara McConalogue 20 pts.
2nd Geraldine McLaughlin 20 pts.


Sunday 19th March 2017 Glashedy Winter League 
Glashedy Links
1st Aidan McLaughlin (14) 39pts
2nd Liam McLaughlin(9) 36pts 
1st PN Grant (16) 37pts 
2nd Philip Quigley (18) 36pts 
Back 9: Liam Tourish (6) 18pts 
Neil Doherty (17) 18pts 
CSS: 72

The Old Links
1st Liam Doherty (C) (13) 42pts 
2nd Chris Keegan (7) 40pts 
1st Eamonn O’Donnell (16) 41pts 
2nd Brian McGonigle (16) 38pts 
Back 9: Jim Nicell (14) 21pts
Paul Mathews (24) 20pts
CSS: 70

Saturday Open 18th March 2017
1st Kealan Quigg (0) 38pts 
2nd Tony Concannon (19) 33pts 
3rd Cecil Doherty (7) 33pts 

Wednesday Society 15th March 2017
1st Brendan Callaghan 40pts 
2nd Patsy Toland 38pts 
3rd Norman Bates 38pts 
Two’s: Niall McLaughlin(2), Martin Boyle, Brendan Callaghan 

Sunday 19th March 2017 Confined 9 Holes 
1st Joan Doherty 17pts OBOT 
2nd Marie Durso 17pts
1st Annette Doherty 17pts 
2nd Ruth McGartoll 17pts
1st Aine Northey 19pts 
2nd Marian Theseira 17pts 

Confined 9 Holes 14th March 2017
1st Lucia Mullen 18pts
2nd Ann Friel 14pts 

Ballyliffin Golf Club Report by Phelim Davenport 

St. Patrick might be a dab hand with the snakes but he made a right pigs ear of the weather on his feast day.
The Captain's drive-in and Scramble had to be postponed to a later date because of the conditions.
The Saturday Open was on the Glashedy course played in windy conditions but it didn't hamper scratch player Kealan Quigg who went round in 2 under giving him a winning score of 38pts. So 2 wins out of 2 for new member Kealan is not a bad start. In 2nd place was the bionic man Tony Concannon[19] with 33pts. In 3 spot was Cecil Doherty[7] with 33pts also. Cecil and his playing partner Des Kemmy can't win a match but he still slips in for the odd prize.
Sunday was the the last round of The Glashedy Winter Classic played over both courses.
On Glashedy in the Low section Aiden Mc Laughlin[14] returned 39pts to take first place. In 2nd place was Liam Mc Laughlin[9] with 36pts. In the High section Packie N Grant[16] showed there's life in the old dog yet by taking first place with 37pts. Philip Quigley[18] took second with 36pts. The Back Nines went to Liam Tourish in the low section with 18pts and Neil Doherty[b] with 18pts in the high section.
On the Old course the best score of the day was returned by Liam Doherty[c][13] who shot 42pts to take the Low section. Chris Keegan[7] made his journey up the country worthwhile by taking 2nd place with 40pts.
In the High section Eamon O Donnell[16] has been very well behaved in our fourball for awhile now but he got a bit uppity on Sunday again and shot 41pts to take first place, amazingly for the fourth time in a row he birdied the par 3 seventh hole.
You can get awful scunnered with a man when he does that. In 2nd place was Brian Mc Gonagle[16] with 38pts.
The Back nines went to Jim Nicell in the Low section with 21pts and Paul Mattews in the High section with 20pts.
The Wed. Soc. was won by the Buncrana jeweller Brendan Callaghan with 40pts. In 2nd place was Mr Duracell himself Patsy Toland with 38pts, and in 3rd place was Norman Bates back again with 38pts also.
The Captain's Drive-in and Scramble will now take place on 1st of April, I think they are tempting fate there but anyway it will be a shotgun start so put your name on the timesheet in the Proshop. Happy Golfing

Sunday Confined 12th March 2017
1st Kaelan Quigg (0) 42pts
2nd Gary McGlinchey (20) 41pts
3rd Paddy Harkin (18) 39pts
4th Jim Monagle (11) 39pts 
Gross: Paul Doherty( C) (2) 36pts 

Saturday Open 11th March 2017
1st Cecil King (13) 40pts
2nd Kevin Downey (10) 39pts
3rd Brendan Devlin (1) 39pts
4th Liam Cregan (13) 39pts
Gross: Stephen Martin (1) 33pts 

Friday Open 10th March 2017
1st Eamonn Sweeney (C ) (17) 39pts
2nd Dermot Doherty(G) (17) 37pts
3rd Vincent Lynn (19) 37pts
Congratulations to Sarah Harkin on her hole in one at the 7th of The Old Links 

Glashedy No 10 Sunday 12th March 2017
1st Cathy McGeoghegan 17pts OBOT 
2nd Ann Friel 17pts
1st Annette Doherty 20pts OBOT 
2nd Theresa Devlin 20pts
1st Teresa O’Doherty 16pts OBOT 
2nd Maureen Carey 16pts 

Ballyliffin Golf Club Report by Phelim Davenport 

Another good weekend weather wise for golf in Ballyliffin.
The Friday Open was won by the other Eamon Sweeney[c][17] with 39pts . In 2nd place was his playing partner Dermot Doherty[g][17] with 37pts. Making a welcome return back to the prizes was Vincent Lynn[19] in 3rd place also with 37pts.
The Saturday Open was held in glorious sunshine on the Glashedy course. Coming out on top was 13 handicapper Cecil King with 40pts. In 2nd place was the happy caddy Kevin Downey[10] with 39pts. Brendan Devlin[1] went round in 2 under for 39pts also which gave him 3rd spot. Liam Cregan[13] also had 39pts but was only good enough for 4th place. The Gross went to Stephen Martin[1] with 33 gross pts.
The Dr Paul Crotty Cup was Sunday's competition on the Old Course and a man we will be hearing a lot more of in Ballyliffin in the coming months came out on top. Scratch player Keelan Quigg threw in 8 birdies, 8 pars and 2 bogies  for a 6 under par  round of 42pts to lift the cup. 5 birdies on his back nine was going to be hard to beat, even a bogie at the short 17th didn't stop him. In 2nd place proving he is not all about carrying bags of coal was Garry Mc Glinchey[20] with 41pts. In 3rd place was Paddy Harkin[18] with 39pts. 4th place went to Jim Monagle[11] also with 39pts. The Gross saw a return again after a quiet few weeks of Paul Doherty[c][2] with 36 gross pts.
The Wed. Soc. was won by Paul O Donoghue with 37pts. In 2nd place was David McKeague with 34pts and in 3rd spot was Norman Bates with 33pts.
Must congratulate Sarah Harkin who had a Hole In One at the 7th hole on the Old course in the Friday open.
All the best to  our 4 new officials who will drive into office on St Patricks Day.
Letterkenny emergency department was on full alert on Saturday night with the Masterchef taking place but they were not required .I will be looking at Ali Farren in awe everytime I go for petrol from now on. Well done to all three. Happy Golfing.

Sunday 5th March 2017 Glashedy No 9
Glashedy Links 
1st Neil Grant (15) 42pts
2nd Neil McCarron (13) 39pts
1st Darryl Butler (18) 41pts
2nd Johnny McDermott (23) 38pts
Back 9: 
Low Section: Christy Friel 
High Section: Cornelious Collins 
The Old Links
1st Jesse Furnival (15) 39pts
2nd Jim Porter (7) 39pts
1st Philip Quigley (19) 41pts
2nd Carl Desmond (20) 36pts
Back 9:
Low section: John D O’Kane 
High section: Sean Harley 

Saturday Open 4th March 2017
1st James Connolly (21) 41pts
2nd Darragh McLaughlin (6) 39pts 
3rd Sean Bridge (7) 37pts 
Gross: Brendan Devlin 

Friday Open 3rd March 2017
1st Graeme Anderson (12) 38pts
2nd Matt Concannon (9) 35pts 
3rd Oliver McConologue (14) 34pts 

Wednesday Society 1st March 2017
1st Tony Gill 42pts
2nd Frank Harkin 41pts
3rd Hughie Gill 41pts
Two’s: Gerard Friel, Alo Tully, Phelim Davenport 

Confined 5th March 2017
1st Margaret Doherty( O) 17pts
2nd Mary McGeoghan 16pts 
1st Mary McGonagle 17pts
2nd Teresa Devlin 17pts OBOT 
1st Elaine McLaughlin 19pts
2nd Maire Mathews 18pts 

Sunday 26th February 2017 McColgan Cup 
1st David Rankin (13) 40pts
2nd Seamus Gordon (16) 39pts 
3rd Liam Doherty(T) (13) 34pts 
Gross: Ryan Doherty (5) 33pts 

Saturday Open 25th February 2017
1st Graeme Anderson (12) 39pts 
2nd Jimmy Clancy (11) 39pts 
3rd Padraig Porter (15) 38pts 
4th Ryan Doherty (5) 37pts 
Gross: Stephen Martin (1) 34pts 

Friday Open 24th February 2017
1st Anthony McEleney (13) 36pts
2nd John Gibbons (10) 36pts
3rd Daniel McAteer (11) 36pts 
Wednesday Society 22nd February 2017
1st Andy McGonagle 40pts
2nd Martin Boyle 39pts
3rd Seamus Gordon 38pts 

Glashedy No 9 Sunday 26th February 2017
1st Margaret Doherty(O) 16pts
2nd Roisin Rooney 15pts
1st Kathleen McKeague 19pts
2nd Sadie Grant(N) 16pts
1st Maire Mathews 11pts 
2nd Aine McElhinney 11pts 

 Ballyliffin Golf Club Report by Phelim Davenport 
Another busy weekend of golf in Ballyliffin  with a mixed bag of weather all was missing was a plague of locusts.
The Friday Open was won by Anthony Mc Eleney[13] with 36pts. It was a three way break of tie with John Gibbons[10]in 2nd place also with 36pts. In 3rd place Daniel Mc Ateer[11] also had 36pts.
The Saturday Open was on the Glashedy course and coming out on top was 12 handicapper Graeme Anderson[12 with 39pts. In 2nd place was Jimmy Clancy back again with 39pts also. Third place went to one of the up and coming talents here Padraig Porter[15] with 38pts. Ryan Doherty[5] took 4th with 37pts beating me on the break of a tie, damned unsporting i say no respect for age at all. The Gross went to 1 handicapper Stephen Martin with 34 gross pts.
The Sunday Confined on The Old Course was dogged by bad weather but it didn't seem to matter to David Rankin[13] who returned 40pts to take 1st place. The Isle Of Doagh man was back for his weekly voucher Seamus Gordon[16] took 2nd spot with 39pts. Liam Doherty[t][13] struck a blow for the afternoon men taking 3rd with 34pts. Ryan Doherty[5] was back for a 2nd day taking the Gross with 33 gross pts.
In the Wed. Soc. Andy Mc Gonagle seems to improve like his hero Ibrahimovic with age taking top place with 40pts. In 2nd place was the Boss man Martin Boyle with 39pts. In 3rd place was Seamus Gordon with 38pts.
Looking at the results it seems Brendan Devlin can't score unless the Captain is by his side, but he was away racking up brownie pts by taking Aine to the rugby match in Dublin. Happy Golfing.

Glashedy Winter League Sunday 19th February 2017
Glashedy Links
1st Marc Desmond (10) 39pts
2nd Ryan Doherty (5) 37pts
1st John Moore (16) 39pts
2nd Philip Doherty (17) 38pts
Back 9: Low section: Liam Doherty W 19pts
High Section: James Carr 19pts 
The Old Links
1st Jimmy Clancy (11) 39pts 
2nd Liam Barron (13) 39pts
1st Patrick J Doherty (21) 42pts 
2nd Brian McGonigle (16) 38pts 
Back 9: Low section: John McFeely 20pts 
High Section: John K Farren 20pts 
Saturday Open 18th February 2017
1st Damien Gallagher (19) 47pts
2nd Gerry Redden (12) 43pts 
3rd Eugene Donaghy (9) 41pts 
4th Paul Houton (15) 41pts 
Gross: Brendan Devlin (1) 40pts 
Friday Open 17th February 2017
1st Maurice Burke (19) 35pts
2nd Mark Howard (12) 34pts 
3rd William Hunter (21) 33pts 
Wednesday Society 15th February 2017
1st Jim Brown 45pts
2nd Andy McGonagle 38pts
3rd Louis Walsh 38pts
Forthcoming Events & Fixtures 
Friday 24th February Open Competition on The Old Links 
Saturday 25th February Open Competition on Glashedy Links 
Sunday 26th February McColgan Cup confined on The Old Links
Ballyliffin Golf Club Report by Phelim Davenport 
A reasonably good weekend for a busy few days of golf in Ballyliffin.
The Friday Open was won by the "Flying Scotsman" Maurice Burke[19] with 35pts. In 2nd place was Mark Howard[12] with 34pts. William Hunter[21] took 3rd place with 33pts.
I think the 50pt mark will be broken before the winter rules expire. In the Saturday Open it was the turn of Damian Gallagher[19] to take the head staggers, he returned 47pts on the Old course to take 1st place. Poor old Gerry Reddin[12] returned 43pts which is normally enough to win but was only good enough for 2nd place this time. 9 handicapper Eugene Donaghy took 3rd with 41pts beating Big Paul Houghton[15] on the break of a tie who took 4th also with 41pts. Paul didn't want Tom Doherty[b] his playing partner think he was the only golfer in the fourball.
What can i say about the Gross man that hasn't already been said Brendan Devlin[1] waltzed round for a 4 under par round of 67 giving him 40 gross pts. If Brendan and Hugh Mc Eleney pooled their vouchers they could buy the Golf Club
Sunday was Glashedy Winter Classic No 8 on both courses in a day of two halves weather wise with most of the prizes going to the morning men with the weather being much better. On the Glashedy the Low secton was won by Marc Desmond[10] with 39pts, and in 2nd place was Ryan Doherty[4] with 37pts, welcome back Ryan. In the High section you could not get 2 more cuter bucko's taking the prizes In 1st place was John Moore[16] with 39pts and in 2nd place was Cleagh's finest Philip Doherty[17] with 38pts. These 2 boys hone their skills in the Wed. Soc. The Back Nines went to Liam Doherty[w] in the low section with 19pts and to James Carr in the High section with 19pts
On the Old links in the Low section coming out on top was Jimmy Clancy[11] with 39pts beating Liam Barron[13] into 2nd place also with 39pts. In the High section came the best score of the day Patrick J Doherty[21] with 42pts. In 2nd place was Brian Mc Gonagle[16] with 38pts. The Back Nines went to John Mc Feely in the Low section with 20 pts and to John K Farren with 20pts.
The Wed. Soc. turned up a big score again "suprise suprise" Jim Brown took 1st place with 45pts. In 2nd Place was the older of the 2 Mc Gonagle brothers Andy Mc Gonagle with 38pts edging out his playing partner Louis Walsh also with 38pts.
Just like to offer congratulation to our Assist. Pro Shaun O Doherty who finally got round to putting a ring on that poor ever so patient girl Annette Doherty's finger, i'm glad he moves faster than that round the golf course. Happy Golfing.
Sunday Confined 12th February 2017
1st Christy Friel (15) 40pts
2nd John Grant (11) 33pts 
Old Links 
1st Mike Moriarty (15) 41pts 
2nd William Joyce (13) 39pts
Gross: Paul Van Dessel (4) 27pts

Saturday Open 11th February 2017
1st Tom Doherty(B) (21) 44pts
2nd Rhee Postrero (20) 40pts
3rd Louis Walsh (11) 40pts
Gross: Brendan Devlin (1) 36pts 

Friday Open 10 February 2017
1st David Houston (26) 39pts
2nd Gary McGlinchey (20) 39pts

Wednesday 8th February 2017
1st Philip Doherty 42pts
2nd Seamus Gordon 40pts
3rd Hugh McEleney 38pts
Two’s: Connell McGrenra 

Glashedy No 8 12th February 2017
1st Joan Doherty 19pts 
2nd Ann Friel 17pts
1st Sadie Grant(N) 18pts
2nd Debbie McConologue 17pts 
1st Maire Mathews 19pts
2nd Nancy Doherty 18pts 

Ballyliffin Golf Club Report by Phelim Davenport 
A baltic Ballyliffin over the weekend for golf the only thing hot were the scores.
The Friday Open was won by David Houston[26] with 39pts on the break of a tie from Buncrana's No 1 coalman Gary Mc Glinchey[20] also with 39pts
The Saturday Open was on the Glashedy course and the top score went to Tom Doherty[b][21] with 44pts. Tom told me they were the best greens he seen in Ballyliffin in a long time and he wondered why they hadn't moved them closer to the tees a long time ago. In 2nd place was Rhee Postero[20] with 40pts. Rhee likes the cold weather. In 3rd spot was that famous man again Louis Walsh[11] also with 40pts. The Gross went again to Brendan Devlin[1] with 36 gross pts . Brendan and the Captain gave the Pro Shaun O and the Past Captain a bit of a trimming .
The Sunday Confined was held on both courses. On Glashedy coming out on top was Christy Friel[15]with 40pts well ahead of John Grant[11] in 2nd place with 33pts.
On the Old course in 1st place was the weather man Mike Moriarty[15]with 41pts and in 2nd place was William Joyce[13] with 39pts. I don't know where those men found those scores in Ballyliffin on Sunday.
The Gross went to the good doctor Paul Van Dessel[4] with 27 gross pts.
My playing partner took awhile to get used to his new handicap but Johnny got there in the end.
The latest outing of the Wed. Soc. was won by Cleagh's finest Philip Doherty with 42pts. In 2nd place was almost weekly prizewinner Seamus Gordon with 40pts, Colm get the strimmer out. Hugh Mc Eleney has now turned his attention to the Wed. Soc. he took 3rd with 38pts. Beware the rest of you. Happy Golfing.

Sun 5.2.17 Sunday Confined.
Glashedy Links.
1st Paddy McDermott (12) 39 pts.
2nd Neil McCarron (13) 37 pts.
Back 9 Low: Vincent Grant Jnr (14) 21 pts.
Back 9 High: Cornelious Collins (16) 21 pts.
The Old Links.
1st John Moore (17) 43 pts.
2nd John Geoghegan (21) 38 pts.
Gross: Brendan Devlin.
Back 9 Low: Ciaran McDermott (14) 23 pts.
Back 9 High: Patrick J Doherty (16) 20 pts.
Sat 4.2.17  Saturday Open.
1st Brendan Devlin (1) 39 pts.
2nd Daniel G McGonagle (21) 38 pts.
3rd Liam Cregan (13) 37 pts.
Gross Bryan Northey (5) 30 gr. pts.
4th Charlie McVeigh (14) 37 pts.
Congratulations to Charlie McVeigh on his ‘Hole in One’ on the 5th hole ‘The Tank’. 
Fri 3.2.17 Friday Open.
1st Bob McFeely (15) 35 pts.
Ladies Results.
Sun 5.2.17 Sunday Confined.
1st Lisa Glover 19 pts.
2nd Mary T Hackett 17 pts.
1st Molly McCloskey 22 pts.
2nd Mary McGonagle18 pts.
1st Teresa O’Doherty 19 pts.
2nd Teish Doherty 18 pts.

Sunday Confined 29th January 2017
1st Páid Sweeney (17) 47pts
2nd Andy McGonigle (20) 42pts 
3rd John Moore (17) 41pts
4th Neil McCarron (13) 41pts
Gross: Paul Doherty (C) (2) 39pts
Saturday Open 28th January 2017
1st Noel Quigley (7) 40pts
2nd Peter Gallagher (8) 38pts
3rd Denis Clancy (10) 38pts
4th Tony O’Brien (13) 38pts
Gross: Stephen Martin (1) 34pts 
Sunday 29th January 2017 Glashedy No 7 
1st Ann McLaughlin(p) 21pts 
2nd Ann Friel 18pts
1st Sadie Grant (n) 21pts 
2nd Gertie Monagle 19pts 
1ST Teish Doherty 23pts
2nd Tara McConologue 22pts
Two’s Competition: 
Anne McLaughlin(P) 
Ballyliffin Golf Club Results by Phelim Davenport
Wonderful weather was again the order of the day over the weekend in Ballyliffin.
The Saturday Open Was on the Glashedy course. 7 handicapper Noel Quigley  got the 2 monkeys off his back i.e. Cecil and Des for one day and came in with the winning score of 40pts. Peter Gallagher[8] was 2nd with 38pts. Denis Clancy[10] is alive and well he took 3rd spot also with 38pts. Big Tony O Brien showed us his nervous side by missing a little gimme
on 18 to take 4th also on 38pts. A few more years experience Tony and that won't happen. Stephen Martin[1] took the Gross with 34 gross pts.
Sunday saw blue skies for the Confined competition on the Old Course. I would be against random dope testing but after looking at the winning score on Sunday i could change my mind. Paid Sweeney[17] spent a blissful weekend in Sligo with his good wife Mary 2 weeks ago  and since then he returned 40pts last weekend and this Sunday he went ballistic completely and shot a winning score of 47pts. A level par back nine including 3 birdies gave him 27pts to add to his 20 on the front nine left him out of sight. Well done Mary, Paid is about 6ft 2ins but i reckon he will be about 5ft 6ins when handicap convenor Colm O Kane is finished with him. In 2nd place with a very good score of 42pts was Andy Mc Gonagle[20], not letting his much younger brother get away with all the glory then. In a day of high scoring in 3rd spot was naturalised Donegal man John Moore[17 with 41pts on the break of a tie from Neil Mc Carron[13] also with 41pts. That Sunday sweep is hard to win Neil.
Although Paid stole his thunder the round of the day went to Paul Doherty[c][2] who scorched round in 3 under par to take the Gross with 39 gross pts
With 10 people shooting 40pts or better it was a handicap convenor's delight. I repeat oh to get back on the fairways and back in the bunkers again. Happy Golfing

Glashedy Winter League Sunday 22nd January 2017
Glashedy Links
1st Cecil Doherty (7) 39pts
2nd Noel Quigley (7) 38pts
1st Neil Duffy (18) 40pts
2nd Johnny McDermott (23) 37pts 
Back 9: Don McGonigle 20pts, Patrick J Doherty 19pts 
CSS: N/Q  

The Old Links 
1st Louis Walsh (11) 42pts
2nd Neil Ruddy (11) 41pts 
1st Cornelious Collins (16) 43pts 
2nd Jim Coyle (20) 39pts 
Back 9: Charlie Donaghey 22pts, PN Grant 20pts 

Saturday Open 21st January 2017
1st Gabriel McCafferty (25) 41pts
2nd Eugene Brophy (11) 40pts
3rd John Mullan (13) 39pts 
4th Daniel G McGonigle (21) 39pts 
Gross: Aaron Taylor (1) 37pts 

Friday Open 20th January 2017
1st Pat O’Neill (16) 41pts
2nd Tony Kingston (14) 38pts
3rd Mick McGonigle (21) 36pts 

Wednesday Society 18th January 2017
1st Seamus Gordon 45pts
2nd Páid Sweeney 40pts
3rd Norman Bates 38pts 
Two’s: Terry Coyle, John K Farren 

Glashedy No 6 22nd January 2017
1st Noeleen Gordon 21pts
2nd Cathy McGeoghegan 19pts
1st Molly McCloskey 22pts
2nd Ann Diver 18pts 
1st Anita McCarron 17pts
2nd Tara McConologue 17pts

After early frost on Saturday it turned out a fine weekend for golf in Ballyliffin.
The Saturday Open was on the Old Course, with the course not opening till 11 o clock a 2 tee start was used to good effect. Coming out on top was a new name to the winners circle Gabrial Mc Cafferty[25] with 41pts. In 2nd place was Eugene Brophy[11] with40pts. In 3rd spot playing a bit later than usual was John Mullan[13] with 39pts. Daniel G Mc Gonagle[21] showed much older brother Andy how to do it and took 4th with 39pts also. Aaron Taylor[1] took the Gross with 37 gross pts beating Saturday man Brendan Devlin on the break of a tie.
The 6th outing of The Glashedy Winter Classic took place on both courses on Sunday. On The Old Course the Low section was won by the man with the famous name Louis Walsh[11] with 42pts. In 2nd place was a man who hasn't figured for awhile Neil Ruddy[11] with 41pts. In the High section Cornelious Collins[16] took the short trip across the road and took first place with 43pts. In second place was a man who likes a bit of Sun on his back and the Christmas rush over Jim Coyle[20] wwth 39pts.
The Back Nines went to Charlie Donaghy in the Low section with 21pts and Packie N Grant in the High section with 20pts, canny boys those two.
On the Glashedy course Cecil Doherty[7] kept his good run going by taking first place with 39pts. His back must be sore carrying Des Kemmy at this stage and still losing money. His old foe in that fourball Noel Quigley[7] took 2nd with 38pts. In the High section another handy operator took first place Neil Duffy[18] with 40pts. In second place was Johnny Mc Dermott[23] with37pts. 
The Back Nines went to Don Mc Gonagle in the Low section with 20pts and Patrick J Doherty in the High section with 21pts
In the latest outing of the Wed. Soc. it was a runaway win for Seamus Gordon with 45pts.:Well at least Dick Turpin wore a mask: In 2nd place was another man heading for the Minor league Paid Sweeney with 40pts. Stormin Norman Bates was back this week again to take 3rd with 38pts. Oh to get back on the fairways again and back in the bunkers. Happy Golfing.