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Latest News

2013 Fixture List

Below is a list of Fixtures for the current calander year

Fri 1st                                  GUI Open-any comb                      Old
Sat 2nd                                 GUI Open                                      Glashedy
Sun 3rd                                 Glashedy 9                                      Both
Fri 8th                                  GUI Open-any comb                    Glashedy
Sat 9th                                  Lynas Cup Confined                        Old
Sun 10th                              Paul Crotty Confined                         Glashedy
Fri 15th                              GUI Open-any comb                      Glashedy
Sat 16th                               Confined                                         Glashedy
Sun 17th                              McColgan Cup                                  Glashedy
Fri 22nd                             GUI Open-any comb                       Old
Sat 23rd                              Monthly Medal -stroke                      Glashedy
Sun 24th                              Glashedy 10                                    Both
Fri 29th                              GUI Open- any comb (GF)            Glashedy
Sat 30/ Sun 31                   2 Day Easter Open                       Old 


Fri 5th                                   GUI Open-any comb                   Old
Sat 6th                                  GUI Open                                    Glashedy
Sun 7th                                 Glashedy Captains Day- Mgt Doherty (O) Both
Sat 13th                              Mixed GUI Foursomes & Confined singles Old
Sun 14th                               Confined                                       Glashedy
Fri 19th                               GUI Open-any comb                   Old
Sat 20th                                Monthly Medal -stroke                    Old
Sun 21st                               Strand Hotel Confined                    Glashedy
Sat 27th                              GUI Open                                     Glashedy
Sun 28th                              Confined                                        Old

                                                    Sun 7th                                 Glashedy Captains Day- Mgt Doherty (O) BothSun 14th                               Confined                                       GlashedySat 20th                                Monthly Medal -stroke                    OldSun 21st                               Strand Hotel Confined                    GlashedySun 28th                              Confined                                        Old


Sat 4th                                GUI Open                                    Glashedy
Sun 5th                                Confined                                       Old
Sat 11th                             Cancer & Transplant Classic (Teams of 4) Old
Sun 12th                              Cassidy Bros. Concrete Confined Glashedy
Sat 18th                               Monthly Medal -stroke                      Glashedy
Sun 19th                              Confined Stroke                               Old
Sat 25th                              Connor Mallon Memorial Open      Old
Sun 26th                              Confined                                          Glashedy
 27, 28, 29                          Donegal Links Classic (Teams 4)  Old
(Ballyliffin, Rosapenna, Portsalon) 


Sat 1st                                 Club Classic                                        Old
Sun 2nd                                 Confined                                             Glashedy
Scratch Cup                                        Old
Sat 8th                                   Confined                                             Glashedy
Sun 9th                                  Confined                                             Old
Wed 12th                             Carn Church Classic (teams 4)          Old
Sat 15th                                 Monthly Medal -stroke                           Old
Sun 16th                                Confined                                             Glashedy
Sat 22                                  Inishowen Rugby Club Classic (teams 4)    Old
Sun 23                                  Confined                                              Old
Tue 25                                 Fr A Porter Mem GUI Open                Old
Sat 29th                                Lady President's Day (Ann McNicholl)      Both
Sun 30th                              GUI Open - stroke                              Old


Mon 1st                                 I. Gateway GUI Open s/f (any comb)    Glashedy
Tue 2nd                                GUI Open-any comb                                Old
Wed 3rd                                NM Doherty Jewellers GUI Open s/f      Glashedy
Thur 4th                               Travellers Insurance GUI 4 Ball BB-any comb Old
Fri 5th                                   Desmond Motors GUI Open-s/f              Glashedy
Sat 6th                                  Ballyliffin Hotel GUI Open- stroke          Old
Sun 7th                                 Linx Restaurant GUI Open- any comb     Old
Sun 7th                                 NW Gas GUI Open s/f                             Glashedy
Sat 13th                                GUI Open                                                 Glashedy
Sun 14th                                Confined                                                    Old
16th-19th                               Irish Girls Close                                          Old
Sat 20th                                 Mr Captain's Day (S Mallon)                        Both
Sun 21st                                Confined                                                    Glashedy
Thur 25/Fri 26th/Sat 27th        Ballyliffin Pro Am                                         Both
Sun 28th                              GUI Open                                                  Both


Sat 3rd                                   Confined                                                  Glashedy
Sun 4th                                  SAS Confined                                           Old
Tue 6th                                 GUI Open Any Comb                              Glashedy
Wed 7th/Thur 8th                Clonmany Festival GUI Open                 Old
Sat 10th                                Carndonagh FC Classic                          Old
Sun 11th                                 Confined Stroke                                      Glashedy
Sat 17th                                  Presidents Day - Frank Logue                   Both
Sun 18th                             Guinness Anniversary GUI Open (Black Tees) Glashedy
Sat 24th                                 Lady Captain's Day - Roisin Sherriffs         Both
Sun 25th                                McLaughlin/McGonigle Confined                 Old
Sat 31st                                 Confined                                                  Old



Sun 1st                                   Confined                                              Glashedy
Sat 7th                                   Monthly Medal -stroke                            Old
Sun 8th                                   Confined                                             Glashedy
Fri 13th                                   John Hopkins Classic                             Old
Sat 14th                                  Confined                                             Glashedy
Sun 15th                                 J. McLaughlin Confined (blue tees)         Old
Sat 21st                                Breast Cancer Open                          Old
Sun 22nd                                Confined                                             Glashedy
Sat 28th                                 Confined                                             Glashedy
Sun 29th                                Confined                                              Old


Wed 2nd/Thur 3rd/Fri 4th Great North Links Challenge  (Teams of 4) Glashedy
(Ballyliffin, Portstewart, Royal Portrush) 
Sat 5th                                 GUI Open                                            Old
Sun 6th                                 Confined                                              Glashedy
Fri 11                                  GUI Open                                            Old
Sat 12th                              GUI Open                                           Glashedy
Sun 13th                               Confined                                              Old
Fri 18                                  GUI Open                                           Glashedy
Sat 19th                                Monthly Medal-stroke                           Old
Sun 20th                               Glashedy 1                                          Both
Fri 25                                  GUI Open                                            Old
Sat 26th                              GUI Open                                           Glashedy
Sun 27th                              Confined                                               Old


Fri 1 Nov                             GUI Open-any comb                         Glashedy
Sat 2nd                                 Monthly Medal-stroke                           Old
Sun 3rd                                 Confined                                             Glashedy
Fri 8  GUI                            GUI Open-any comb                         Old
Sat 9th                                GUI Open                                          Glashedy
Sun 10th                               Glashedy 2                                          Both
Fri 15                                  GUI Open-any comb                          Glashedy
Sat 16th                              GUI Open                                           Glashedy
Sun 17th                               Confined                                             Old
Fri 22                                  GUI Open-any comb                         Old
Sat 23rd                               Confined                                             Old
Sun 24th                              Confined                                             Glashedy
Fri 29                                 GUI Open-any comb                         Glashedy
Sat 30th                             GUI Open                                           Old



Sun 1st                                Glashedy 3                                         Both
Fri 6th                                GUI Open-any comb                         Old
Sat 7th                               GUI Open                                         Glashedy
Sun 8th                                Christmas Hamper                             Both
Fri 13th                              GUI Open-any comb                       Glashedy
Sat 14th                               Monthly Medal-stroke                         Old
Sun 15th                              Christmas Party                                 Both
Sat 21st                              GUI Open                                        Glashedy
Fri 20th                               GUI Open-any comb                      Old
Sun 22nd                              Confined                                          Old
Thurs 26th                          GUI Open-any comb                      Glashedy
Friday 27th                        GUI Open-any comb                       Old
Sat 28th                               Confined                                          Glashedy
Sun 29th                              Confined                                           Old